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My dearest sister Mzia Kakachia was born on March 18, 1969. She was suffering from spinal disc herniation since birth. Mzia had to undergo various surgeries, but she was enduring it bravely since childhood. She was constantly taken to hospitals of different countries, due to this she toughen up and could endure pain. She would never who her suffering to others, especially, her family. Mzia was gifted person. She knew 2 foreign languages. She decided to establish non-governmential organization one year before her death. In 1998, she finally founded her organization, the Association of Persons with Disabilities, Women and IDPs, because she wanted to help those who suffered the same way she did. She fell ill soon after this and I took over the organization at her request. My precious sister passed away on March 20, 1999. In honor of her name, I did my best to fulfill her last wish and has never abandoned this organization, which later changed the lives of so many people, especially, women’s. I would like to reach my voice to all of you to help us in order to keep creating new projects and better future for our beneficiaries. 

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The projects implemented by APDWIT

Donor: Orphan Grain Train inc.
Project: Humanitarian Project Give Clothes
Budget: 1 200 000 US
Project Duration; 2017-2019
Donor: USAID
Project: NEO/New Economic Opportunities
Budget: 320 000 GEL
Coverage: 25 target communities of Tsalenjikha
Project Duration: 2012-2014

Socially vulnerable locals and IDPs were involved in the project. Within the framework of the project about 300 people in the following professions were trained and financed: beekeeping (55%); stylist (25%); cookery (10%) and sewing (10%).
Donor: USAID
Project: Empower Women
Budget: 480 000 USD
Coverage:Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsku and Senaki Municipalities
Project Duration: 2009-2012

The major objectives of the project were to support income, skills development, and economic independence of women. Within the framework of the project small grants were issued. About 620 women were trained and financed in the following professions: beekeeping (70%); cattle-breeding and plant growing (20%); stylist, cookery, sewing (10%).Within the project large-scale entrepreneurs were trained in business development and Fundraising.
Donor: EU
Project: Peaceful Settlement of conflict
Budget: 100 000 EUR
Coverage:Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha and coastal villages of Abkhazia and Sukhumi
Project Duration: 2006-2007

Within the framework of the project a sewing factory was opened where IDP women from these municipalities were employed and for the purpose of Abkhazian conflict peaceful settlement they sent clothes to the population in Abkhazia as a gift. Delivery of clothes was provided by UNOMIG.
Donor: ACF (Action Against Hunger) - UNCHCR
Project: Empower Women
Budget: 72 000 USD
Coverage:Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsku and Senaki Municipalities
Project Duration: 2009-2010

Within the project greenhouses were arranged for employment of women. Employees had the opportunity to participate in the business training and practice through the entrepreneurs of the greenhouse in Kutaisi. Within the project, with the support of USAID the invited greenhouse expert had a free consultation with greenhouse farmers in Samegrelo. The APDWIT had arranged organizational issues.
Donor: IOM–International Organization for Migration
Project: Business Training
Budget: 35 000 GEL
Coverage: Tsalenjikha, Chkhorotsku and Senaki Municipalities
Project Duration: 2010-2011

Within the project business training were conducted for 30 entrepreneurs. The Association coordinated the relation between the owner of the business and employees. The APDWIT assisted to spread and submit the vacancies in these municipalities. The job seekers were trained in the following skills: 1. CV compilation 2. Development of career skills

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